8 million tons of marine debris each year, how much do you produce?

  • July 21, 2021

You should have seen these two pictures. They are about the harm caused by environmental pollution to animals. You might think it has nothing to do with you.

But the fact is that almost everyone causes plastic pollution. Especially our single-use plastic pollution problem.

In 2020, our way of eating has changed. More people order food than ever before, and the number of people using the food delivery service has more than doubled. Between food containers, plastic bags, and plastic-packaged disposable tableware, this only adds to an already big problem.

But even without ordering, it is difficult to remove plastic from the food chain. Bags of apples and oranges are packed in a plastic bag. Your favorite summer berries are stored in plastic containers. There is some kind of plastic in the design of cheese, dried pasta, and almost all other packaged foods.

Plastic will never disappear. It will be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, the so-called microplastics. When these tiny plastic fragments are ingested by an animal, they can block the digestive tract, get stuck in the animal's trachea and be severed. Airflow can cause suffocation or full stomach, leading to malnutrition, hunger and potential death.

The toxins in the ingested plastic will be transferred to the body and organs of animals, and eventually reach humans through the food web. Humans catch fish and eat fish, and pass the toxins of fish to us!

So, what can we do?


The answer is simple, choose a biodegradable material to replace him. When shopping in the supermarket, please bring your own shopping bags and refuse plastic bags from the store. Or when sipping a drink happily, wouldn't it be better to choose a bamboo straw that is easier to straw?

Bamboo not only has a fast growth cycle, but also does not cause pollution to the environment. Throw it in the yard even after use. The worst result is an extra bamboo pole in the yard.

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