How long does it take for bamboo to grow from bamboo shoots to bamboo?

  • September 01, 2021

Bamboo shootsyoung bamboos grow. During the growth stage of bamboo shoots in the soil, they undergo cell division and differentiation through the apical meristem, forming nodes, internodes, septums, shoots, lateral buds, and intervening meristems. 

The number of knots of the whole bamboo shoot (and also the whole plant) has been determined before unearthed, and no new knots will be added after unearthed. 

The growth of bamboo shoots starts from the base, first the bamboo shoots grow, and then the intermediary meristem splits and grows section by section, pushing the bamboo shoots upwards, passing through the soil layer, and growing out of the ground.

Bamboo shoots-the growth period of young forests: the time required for the height of the young forests to stop after the bamboo shoots are unearthed varies depending on the bamboo species.The growth of bamboo shoots is large and it takes a long time. 

The bamboo shoots unearthed in the early stage take about 60 days, and the bamboo shoots in the final stage take about 40-50 days.Small and medium-sized scattered bamboos, such as bamboo, light bamboo, water bamboo, and chicken bamboo, have a small growth rate and a short period of time, generally 25 to 30 days.

The growth period of bamboo shoots to young bamboo shoots is shorter than that of early shoots. According to the growth rate of bamboo shoots and young forests, it can be divided into initial stage, rising stage, peak stage and final stage.

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