Why choose bamboo?

  • July 29, 2021

Why bamboo is the best alternative material?

1. Bamboo is renewable

This is the most important reason why we choose bamboo products. Bamboo produces a large number of shoots, can multiply, and is planted once and used forever. This allows us to make full use of bamboo resources without destroying the ecological environment and maintaining sustainable development. On the contrary, trees are non-renewable. Once planted and once felled, some rare tree species are endangered or have become extinct after felling, and dense forests become bare hills. It is of great significance to replace wood with bamboo.

2. Bamboo has a short growth cycle and a fast growth rate.
It only takes 5-6 years for the production of bamboo for bamboo flooring to produce bamboo shoots to be used for bamboo flooring. It only takes about 2 months after the bamboo shoots to grow to a height of 20 meters, and during the peak period of growth, it can increase by 1 meter in a day. The growth period of trees used in the production of wood floors ranges from ten to twenty years, and as many as hundreds of years.

3. Bamboo is widely distributed and rich in resources
There are about 1,200 kinds of bamboo plants in the world, mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, and a few bamboos are distributed in temperate and frigid zones. China is one of the origins and modern distribution centers of bamboo plants in the world, and is known as the “Hometown of Bamboos in the World”; Known as the "Bamboo Kingdom".

4. Bamboo is a straight-fiber herbaceous plant with a more delicate touch
Compared with wood flooring, straight fiber bamboo flooring is less prone to moisture absorption and deformation, and its performance is more stable.

5. Due to bamboo's reproducibility, short growth cycle, fast growth rate, wide distribution range, rich resources, etc., bamboo products are relatively affordable, lower cost, and can provide users without sacrificing the quality of life. Save more expenses.

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